Afy et Max

Maxime Blésin Jazz solo


State of time​

Orfena Music · State of time – “Boeuf in the basement”

The genesis of State of Time took place in Brussels a while ago: two friends : Maxime Blésin and Stéphane Mercier discover jazz in underground clubs.

They experiment very early on and eventually move to Boston, then New York and back to their hometown. 
With a modern approach of Jazz and a notworthy use of Guitar-Alto sax plus rythmn section combination, « Boeuf in the basement » is a refreshing release.

A crossover between Jazz-Rock- Pop and even World music…

Bop & Soul sextt​

Orfena Music · Bop and Soul Sextt

BOP : « Dance to pop music; move or travel energetically; hit, punch lightly »

AND : « Used to connect words of the same part of speech, clauses or sentences, that are to be taken jointly »

SOUL : « The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being, or animal, regarded as immortal; a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity; The essence of something, emotional or intellectual energy or intensity»
Soul sextet»

Maxime Blésin Quartet

Copyright : Naomé Blésin

  • Maxime Blésin : guitare et compositions
  • Igor Géhénot : Rhodes
  • Cédric raymond : contrebasse
  • Daniel Jonkers : batterie