Who am I?

Venues’ ref

Taichung Jazz festival, Théâtre Bobino, Calvi Jazz festival, Vitoria Jazz festival, Dinant Jazz night, Audi Jazz festival, Gaume Jazz festival, Gouvy Jazz, Skoda Jazz festival, Couleur café, Festival Esperanzah, Théâtre 140, Botanique, Jazz à Liège, Brussel’s grand place, ….


As a leader

Maxime Blésin Quintet ( Organic records )
Maxime Blésin quintet : Bowling Bowl ( Igloo records )
Bop & Soul Sextt : Hydogen Bond ( Orfena Music )
State of time : Boeuf in the basement ( Orfena Music )

As a sideman

DJ Cam presents Fillet of Soul ( Inflammable records )
Le monde est un village 7 W/Osman Martins ( RTBF )
Anne Ducros : Either way ( Naïve )

Music is an endless source of creativity, because like life, it’s diversity is infinite.
The everyday’s discovering of how different human being are organising waves produced by themselves to make music, express themselves, touched me since I was a kid.
I found my path in music trough this statement and a constant research of learning what have been made before, assimilating it and attempting to create music with sincerity.
It’s also my way to celebrate and to thank the “Living” and its fascinating diversity.

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